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Sprinter Firmware

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Sprinter Firmware is a further development of Tonokip Firmware (Tonokip>Carukip-Klimentkip>>>>Sprinter)
It supports acceleration and PID temperature control and printing from SD-Card.
Electronics supported are:
  • ATMEGA 168 
  • ATMEGA 328
  • Gen6
  • Motherboard
  • Sanguinololu
RAMP acceleration is what most CNC mchines use today and it is available in Sprinter. This makes your Printer ultra smooth. No more jerking and shaking.
Due to the acceleration, much faster moves are possible. I have 185mm/s travel moves on my printer and I can print at 85mm/s and still get quite decent prints. (of course slower print speed gives you nicer finish). The high travel speed helps you prevent the ugly blobs when moving from one point to another without printing. 
Also you may have noticed that there is a limit to the speed you can retract in 5D. In Sprinter I can retract at about 20mm/s. (Dont get fooled by the number you enter currently in 5D... It is not real.) So considering that I retract about 1mm (for Skeinforge 40 and higher) the retract takes about 1/20 seconds. And that really stops ooze..

There are many more enhancements but that should be enough to persuade you to try.

Sprinter is available at:

Help is available on IRC (chat)
#reprap on (or from your browser:
Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 October 2012 13:23